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Dive New Zealand


Dive New Zealand is a diving magazine that accepts submissions from international freelance writers.


The audience for this magazine is from New Zealand and surrounding Pacific regions, so the editors prefer to see articles written in UK English using the metric system. If the submission is from the USA, the editors prefer to print both metric and imperial conversions. The writer is responsible for checking conversions from feet to metres or miles to kilometres.


The magazine features articles on diving destinations that are written in past tense. Please ensure articles don’t sound like a bland diary. Instead, write articles that read like an overview of the destination that include items of interest and any emotional observations noticed about the experience.


Unsolicited articles should be between 600 and 800 words. Articles with longer word counts will be returned to the writer for editing and re-submission.


The editors will accept freelance article submissions via email in PC Word format, or via snail mail on USB accompanied by a printed copy of the article.


Payment for articles is 10 cents NZD per word, up to a maximum of $250 NZD (approximately $165 USD or $222 AUD or £105.90 GBP).  Writers who are registered for GST in New Zealand and Australia should include their GST number (or ABN for Aussies) along with your submission.


Payment for photographs is set at $15 NZD per photo and should be sent in JPG format. The editors want to see captions supplied with any photographs submitted with the article.


Advance copies of the magazine are sent to contributors prior to public release.


You can see the full writer’s submission guidelines here: http://divenewzealand.co.nz/magazine/contributions/



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