Dog Fancy Magazine: Earn $400 Writing about Dogs

dog fancy magazine


Dog Fancy

Dog Fancy magazine is devoted to the care and enjoyment of all dogs. The publisher’s goal is to provide readers with information designed to help them be responsible dog owners.

The types of articles the publication prefers include:

  •  – Dog training
  • - Dog health
  • - Behavior
  • - Activities
  • - Traveling with dogs
  • - General care
  • - Having fun with pets

If you intend to submit content to this publication, it’s advised you take the time to familiarize yourself with the type of content published. Sample copies are available. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the magazine to gain a deeper understanding of the tone and style of articles the editors prefer.

The publication doesn’t accept unsolicited submissions. Send a query outlining your idea first and describing how you intend to cover your chosen topic. Be sure you include a bit of background information about your writing credentials in your query letter.

If the editors are interested in your idea, they will offer you a detailed assignment letter and a contract to complete the article.

The preferred word count for article is between 850 and 1,200 words.

Don’t submit stories written from the dog’s point of view. The editors also strongly discourage tributes to dogs who have passed away. The editors encourage well-written, tHoroughly researched articles about living with dogs.

Payment is 40 cents per word on publication. 95% of content published in Dog Fancy magazine is from freelance writers.

Full writer’s submission guidelines can be found here:


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