Travel + Leisure Magazine: Up to $1 per Word for Travel Writing

travel writingTravel + Leisure Magazine is a highly-respected publication that sources around 95% of their writing from freelance writers.

Travel + Leisure Magazine is published monthly and boasts a readership of more than 950,000. Readers are active travelers for both business and pleasure purposes.

The editors strongly recommend that freelance writers read through several issues of the magazine to gain some familiarity with the types of articles accepted and published across different sections.

Submissions for story ideas and posposals are via email query in the first instance. You will also need to include clips of previously published work as part of your submission.

Give the editors a compelling reason to assign an article to you. Offer a specific angle or idea that makes the subject fresh, and be sure to show your enthusiasm for and familiarity with the topic you’re pitching. If the editors like your pitch, they’ll offer a contract to complete the assignment.

Excerpt from the website:

Service information is important to every destination article: when to go, how to get there, where to stay, where to eat, what to see and do. The reader must be able to follow in the author’s footsteps, and the articles are scheduled with that in mind.

Payment is up to $1 per word and is paid on acceptance.

Keep in mind that it’s rare for the editors to assign a feature article to a writer they haven’t worked with in the past. In order to break into this magazine, it’s best to build up a rapport with the editors by submitting smaller pieces and ideas to sections at the front of the magazine. Once the editors have worked with you and gained some insight into your style, your chances at getting a feature accepted improve greatly.

You can find the full submission guidelines here:


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