Top 7 Online Writing Sites for Freelance Writers

online writing sites for freelance writers

Top 7 Online Writing Sites for Freelance Writers


If you’re looking for ways to increase your freelance writing income, you might be able to earn a bit of extra cash submitting your writing to some online writing sites.

Many professional freelance writers scoff at the idea of writing for ‘content mills’, thanks largely to the woefully low pay rates most of them offer. There are also lots of horror stories circulating about promising up-and-coming freelance writers burning out and leaving the industry while working at the $2-$5 per article end of the freelancing scale.

Despite the negative sentiments towards content mills, there really are some great online writing sites around that pay decently. While you might not be able to make a full time living working for these types of sites, they’re excellent for bumping up your freelance writing income. They’re also a great way to bring some extra cash into your account quickly while you’re waiting for that big check to arrive in the mail.

Here are the top 7 online writing sites for freelance writers:

1. Penny Hoarder

Penny Hoarder is a popular site that offers lots of practical tips on how to save money, earn more money or grow your money a little faster.

Articles need to be around 700-900 words in length and should be written in a friendly ‘bloggy’ tone that is fun to read. The editors want to see useful articles that offer readers unique or creative ways to save, earn or grow their money. Make sure your articles include practical, adtionable advice that readers can put to good use in their own lives.

The editors also really love to see relevant links to other Penny Hoarder posts included with each article submission.

Pay ranges from $100 up to $800 for a single article, as Penny Hoarder offers bonus payments for each milestone reached.

For example:

  • When your post hits 50,000 pageviews, you’re paid $100
  • When your post reaches 100,000 pageviews, you’re paid an additional $200
  • When your post reaches 250,000 pageviews, you’re paid an additional $500


Payments are made via PayPal at the end of each quarter.

You’ll greatly improve your chances of having an article accepted if you spend some time reading through previous posts already published on Penny Hoarder.

You can view Penny Hoarder’s full writer’s submission guidelines here:

2. Constant Content

Constant Content is a freelance writing marketplace that allows you to sell the articles you write. You simply upload your articles and set your own prices. The more you write, the more chance you have of making regular sales.

Your articles do need to pass the editorial approval process before they become visible on the marketplace. Once they’re visible, buyers can view your short blurb and an excerpt of the article before deciding to purchase it or not.

It’s completely up to you what you write about and what topics you want to focus on, as there are always plenty of buyers searching for all kinds of keywords and topics. There is also the option for customers to request you specifically to complete specific orders.

Constant Content charge 35% of the sale price you set on your articles, so keep this fee in mind when you’re setting your prices.

Payments are made in US dollars via PayPal as long as you have at least $5 in your account. The Constant Content online writing portal defaults to making payments at the end of each month. However, you can adjust your account settings so that payments are made bi-monthly instead if you prefer.

You can sign up for Constant Content here:

For some tips on increasing your freelance income with Constant Content, you can read our previous article here: 

3. Ebyline

Ebyline connects writers directly with some of the industry’s biggest publishers. Writers are expected to submit a ‘pitch’for any assignments they’re interested in. If a client is pleased with your pitch, you’ll be invited to write that assignment.

Ebyline adds an 8% charge to any transaction amount. So if your writing assignment pays you $250, the client’s total cost to Ebyline is $270.

Signing up for Ebyline is a little different. You will be expected to provide lots of previously published samples to verify your online writing reputation. If you can get your Ebyline profile approved, you’ll be able to start submitting pitches for assignments.

You can join Ebyline here:

4. WriterAccess

Writer Access is a little different to most standard content mills. Writers can pick up orders from the open board, as long as they match the star-rating level specified by the client.

Initially, writers are limited to picking up just one order at a time from the board. However, you’re also able to apply for ‘casting calls’. Clients can also order Solo Orders from individual writers.

Your initial pay rate is determined based on your performance in an online writing test. From there, your writer’s rating level can be changed based on subsequent reviews of work you complete and submit.

After WriterAccess deducts their 30% fee, here is what a typical 750 word article would pay.

  • Two Stars: $10.50
  • Three Stars: $21.00
  • Four Stars: $31.50
  • Five Stars: $42.00
  • Six Stars: $52.50


There are a couple of different options available for payment:

PayPal – if you opt for a PayPal payment, any money you’ve earned will be paid into your account bi-monthly on the 15th day of the month and the last day of the month. Their site states that you may need to allow up to 10 days for your funds to arrive in your account.

Direct Deposit – if you opt to receive your payments via direct deposit, you’ll be paid weekly for any work completed up to each Friday. You may need to allow three business days for funds to arrive in your bank account.

You can join WriterAccess here:

5. Writer’s Domain

Writer’s Domain is another content mill that could be handy for earning some extra freelance writing income, if you have some spare time in your working week.

For a standard 400 word article the payment is:

  • 3 stars: $15
  • 4 stars: $17.50
  • 5 stars: $17.50


For a premium 600 word article the payment is:

  • 4 stars: $34
  • 5 stars: $38


There is no minimum writing requirement to keep up with each month, however the maximum number of standard articles you can submit in any month is set at 80. There are no maximum limits for the number of premium articles submitted, as long as you adhere to the quality guidelines.

Payment is via PayPal. Payments are made on the 5th of each month OR whenever you earn at least $100 – whichever comes first.

You can sign up for Writer’s Domain here:

6. Zerys

Zerys is a content production platform owned by Interact Media. Writers can pick up assignments from the job boards and are given star ratings from the client based on the quality of work completed. The platform also allows clients to place direct orders from their favorite writers.

The pay scale at Zerys is tiered according to each writer’s star rating. Writers can set a standard pay rate per word that they want to earn for any direct assignments. However, the pay rates for any jobs listed on the open job boards are set by the clients.

Zerys takes 30% of the rate paid by the client. So if the client pays 10 cents per word, Zerys takes 3 cents of this rate for their fee, leaving the writer with 7 cents per word.

You can apply to become a freelance writer for Zerys here:

7. Demand Media Studios

Demand Media Studios owns various different online writing properties, including eHow, LegalZoom, Livestrong and USA Today, but it’s still little more than a glorified content mill. Writers can earn up-front payments for articles submitted, plus added incentive payments if those articles earn significant ad revenue over time.

Pay is around $.025-.035 cents per word ($12.50 – $17.50 for a 500 word article), so it’s not enough to earn a full-time living, but it’s enough to add a little extra to your freelance income if you have some free time during your working week.

You can sign up for Demand Media Studios here:


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